Maintenance Free Vinyl Garage Doors in Southern Ontario

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If you are looking for maintenance-free garage doors that will last a lifetime, consult with the experienced professionals at Garage One. We supply and install affordable and appealing vinyl garage doors in Mississauga, Toronto, and the GTA and throughout Southern Ontario.

Vinyl garage doors are considered a great investment due to their durability and low maintenance. Extremely resistant to scratching or denting, your new vinyl garage door won’t incur the problems associated with other materials, such as splitting, warping, rusting, or rotting. Vinyl garage doors also operate quietly, are almost noise-proof, and are often insulated.

Is a Vinyl Garage Door Right for You?

Making the right choices for your renovation requires some experience and consideration of many factors. Generally, vinyl garage doors stand up well to Toronto’s humid summers and wet winters; in addition, you may want to consider a vinyl garage door if you:

  • Have children or teenagers who play sports or games around the garage that might damage other door materials

  • Have an infant that wakes up easily at night; the vinyl garage door is an effective sound barrier

  • Use your garage as an all-season workshop or entertainment room

  • Don’t want to spend a lot of resources maintaining your garage door

Custom Vinyl Garage Doors for Mississauga Homes with Flair

As a leader in GTA overhead doors, Garage One is proud to partner with the industry’s best manufacturers. We feature the innovative line of single and double vinyl garage doors from Wayne Dalton. Once Garage One installs one of these good-looking garage doors on your property, you can be confident that they will resist rust, fading, cracking and denting. From double vinyl garage doors to traditional or carriage house styles, we have a variety of options to choose from. Our vinyl garage door panels and garage doors are available in two different designs, four different colours and four distinctive glass options.

Wayne Dalton 8700

R-value of 11.75

Appearance of painted hardwood with woodgrain texture and deep raised panels

Energy efficient and durable with insulation permanently bonded to vinyl skin

Specialized construction offers resistance to sun’s ultraviolet rays

15-year warranty against peeling, chipping, cracking and flaking of vinyl skin

5-year warranty against excessive colour fading

Would you like to know more about our vinyl garage door service in the GTA? Fill out our contact form or simply give us a call to set up vinyl garage door installation, repair or maintenance.


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