Direct Drive Garage Openers

Some garages are unable to accommodate traditional, ceiling-mounted garage door openers. If your garage has cathedral, obstructed, or low ceilings, installing an overhead system may be impractical if not impossible. Direct drive garage openers are placed on the wall next to your door, making this style a great choice for both traditional and non-traditional garages.

Direct drive garage openers are also perfect for homes with bedrooms above the garage. If you don’t want to hear, and feel, every time your garage door goes up and down, the wall-mounted direct drive option will help you sleep through those late arrivals. Since the unit is located on the wall of your garage, not the ceiling, the noise and vibrations from its operation will not be heard and felt in adjacent rooms.

At Garage One, we recommend the LiftMaster Model 8500. This model comes equipped with smart technology that adapts to changing environmental conditions, and an optional, external battery that will allow you to access your garage even when the power is out.

Ceiling-Mounted Direct Drive Openers

If you like more traditional styles of openers but still want to be at the front of the curve with the latest technology, there are ceiling-mounted direct drive openers as well. This style of direct drive opener is growing in popularity largely due to how quietly it operates. The only moving part on this unit is the motor, which travels along the overhead rail opening and closing the door. Having only one movable part makes this style of direct drive garage opener incredibly quiet and durable.

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