Belt Drive Garage Openers Installation and Repair

The sound of a garage door opening may bring your pet running to welcome you home or signal to your family that you need help bringing in the groceries. But if your garage is under your bedroom or next to your family room, you may be wishing for a quiet garage door opening system. Belt drive garage door openers, typically the top-of-the-line among garage door openers, offer whisper-quiet operation and durability. 

Comparison-shopping consumers may initially balk at the price of belt drive garage door openers, but you must keep in mind that you’re paying for more than just noise reduction. In addition to quiet operation, belt drive openers are:

  • Powered by modern drive belts made of fibreglass, polyurethane or steel-reinforced rubber for durability.

  • Backed by better warranties than many less expensive garage door opening systems.

  • Easily maintained.


At Garage One, we recommend the LiftMaster brand of belt drive systems, such as the LiftMaster Model 8155 with an industrial-strength belt drive system which includes a 10-year belt warranty as well as a variety of safety and security features to protect your family or business.

If quiet operation is your biggest concern, you should consider purchasing a direct drive garage opener.

Belt Drive Garage Opener Maintenance

Belt drive garage openers are durable and will last a long time if properly cared for. Aside from being quiet, another advantage to this style of opener is that they are relatively easy to maintain. Here are a few things you can do yourself to help prolong the life of your system:

  • Use lubricant: Biannually, you should spray all moving parts of the system with a lithium lubricant. Make sure to run the opener a few times after lubrication to help it spread evenly.

  • Check the manual release handle:  If for some reason your belt drive system malfunctions, you will want to be able to open and close your door. Turn off the opener’s power and pull on the release handle to make sure the release mechanism is working properly.

  • Check the door hinges:  A damaged hinge can put extra strain on your belt drive opening system. Periodically check the hinges of your garage door, replacing them if necessary.

Call Garage One when you are ready to install your new belt drive unit or need to repair your current system!

Garage One: Your Source in Ontario for Steel Garage Doors


Do you want to add security and value to your home? Garage One brings you steel garage doors from leading manufacturers including Steel-Craft, Amarr® and Garaga®. The Canadian made Steel-Craft garage doors are made using local materials from Hamilton-based U.S. Steel Canada (formerly Stelco Inc.). These doors not only stand up to Canada’s weather extremes - they also look great!

When you purchase your single or double steel garage door at Garage One, our professional garage door technicians will take care of set-up and service as well. Call us for an efficient steel garage door installation that instantly updates the appearance of your home. If you should need steel garage door service, we are available 24/7 throughout the GTA.

Garage One is pleased to supply and install a wide range of residential garage doors in Toronto and the GTA, including these quality options from Amarr®:



Professional installation and repairs make a difference. Garage One has years of experience working with belt-drive garage openers—call today to get a quote and schedule an appointment!

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