Screw Drive Garage Openers in Toronto

If you have ever been stuck at home, or unable to get your car out of your garage because your belt or chain drive system stopped working? You may be wondering which garage door opening system is the most reliable and least likely to break down. Customers who’ve been stranded are often attracted to the reliability of a screw drive garage door opener which has fewer moving parts with the potential to fail. Screw drive garage openers are also ideal for one-piece doors that tilt open.

Why Choose a Screw Drive Garage Opener?

Screw drive garage openers are reliable, but that’s not the only reason to choose this style:

  • Speed:  Garage doors typically open at around 6-8” per second. With a screw drive unit, your door will open at 10-12” per second. For safety purposes, screw drive units will still close your door at a slower speed.

  • Ease of maintenance: Aside from lubricating the screw rod, this style of opener requires little maintenance and upkeep on your part. Keep the rod lubricated as per manufacturer instruction, and your unit will remain reliable for years to come.

  • Smooth operation: Unlike chain or belt drive models, which push or pull a chain or belt while operating, a screw drive unit’s smooth, continual motion creates less stress on your garage door and opening system.

  • Noise reduction: A screw drive garage door opener is generally quieter than a chain drive system, although it can create a little more noise than a belt drive opener.

If you’re ready to get a new screw drive unit, we recommend the LiftMaster Model 3240. This model features a lifetime motor warranty and advanced features for quiet operation. If you have questions about whether a screw drive garage door opener system is a good value for you, talk to a Garage One garage door installer in Toronto. We can answer your questions and help you with your decision.


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