Garage Door Opener Accessories—Maximize Your Convenience

Have you ever been sitting at work, wondering if you remembered to close your garage door? Have family members locked themselves out of the house? Would you like a more sophisticated way to secure your garage and home? With the constant advancement of technology, garage door opener accessories can provide a new level of convenience and security. Here are a few of the exciting accessories you can add to your home:

  • Internet gateways allow you to check and operate your garage door from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or computer.

  • Motion sensor controls turn your garage lights on when you walk in and turn them off after you leave.

  • Timed controls allow you to program your door to close in 1, 5, or 10 minutes after you press the button.

  • Wireless keypads give you keyless access to your garage and home with the security of a passcode for entry.

  • Laser parking assist accessories help you get the most out of your garage space by taking the guesswork out of parking.

    For more garage inspiration, see the full line of accessories offered by LiftMaster.

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Opener Accessories

If you are trying to open your garage door with a remote and it is not working, the most common reason is a dead battery. We recommend keeping an extra battery in your car in order to make a battery replacement quick and easy. Another good thing to check is whether the wall-mounted control will open and close the door.

If your remote works but the wall-mounted system doesn’t, the issue may be faulty wiring; for your safety and the safety of your family, we strongly recommend that you leave electrical repairs to the professionals at Garage One. If you feel your system needs more than a battery replacement, call Garage One to get your garage door opener back in working order!


Professional installation and repairs make a difference. Garage One has years of experience working with Garage Door Opener & Accessories—call today to get a quote and schedule an appointment!

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