Chain Drive Garage Openers in the GTA & Southern Ontario

Whether the purchase of a new garage door opener is an unexpected expense or part of a planned renovation, you want to be sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Budget-conscious consumers have made chain drive garage door openers the most popular type of garage door opener because these systems are affordable, available and durable when correctly installed and maintained.

One potential drawback of chain drive garage openers is the noise associated with their operation. Fortunately, manufacturers have been working to help mitigate the noise produced by the chain drive. New models can come equipped with chain separators that keep the chain from hitting against the track, and models with soft start-and-stop technology can be significantly quieter than the chain drive units of the past.

As you weigh your options between different drives and different models, keep in mind that you will probably not notice the sound of a chain drive garage door opener unless you are immediately above it or in a room adjacent to the garage.

Additionally, according to some of our customers, the sound of the garage door opening or closing actually alerts them to arrivals and departures and is an added security against forced entry. Little wonder then that affordably priced chain drive garage door openers are a consumer favourite nationwide.

At Garage One, we recommend the line of chain drive garage door openers by LiftMaster. The LiftMaster Model 8587W comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and a lifetime warranty on the ¾ HP motor.

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