Rolling Sheet Doors in Toronto, GTA & Southern Ontario

Secure your facility with durable and dependable rolling sheet doors from Garage One. Serving customers throughout Mississauga, the GTA and Southern Ontario, we sell, service, install and repair rolling sheet doors for various commercial and industrial properties. We’ve handled projects for self-storage facilities, warehouses, loading docks, and more. Whether you are looking for a light-duty door for a storage space or a heavy-duty model designed to withstand high winds, Garage One has you covered. 

The Advantages of Rolling Sheet Garage Doors

Our Rolling Sheet Doors are specifically designed for the wear and tear and high traffic of a commercial or industrial environment. Some of the features our clients appreciate about our rolling sheet doors are:

  • Space-saving Design: If you’re challenged for overhead space, our roll up garage doors don’t require the long tracks of other kinds of garage door systems. Vehicles parked close to the door will not obstruct its operation.

  • Quick, easy access: Whether operated by an automatic opener or cranked up by hand, the door opens and closes quickly.

  • Durability:  The steel material is strong and doesn’t dent easily.

  • Low maintenance: They’re easy to wash when dirty and paint as needed. With regular washings and maintenance, the door should last for years.

  • Customizable: They come in a variety of colours so you can blend your garage door into the building or have it stand out. If you want a more unique colour, just paint it

Find the Amarr® Door Perfect for You

We’re pleased to offer rolling sheet garage doors from Amarr®, a known industry leader for their doors’ design and quality. Select the one best suitable for its use:

Amarr® 5101

Light duty rolling sheet door

Designed for self-storage facilities

26-gauge sheet steel thickness

Available in a range of colours

Amarr® 5501

Medium duty rolling sheet door for commercial openings

26-gauge sheet steel thickness

Available in a range of colours

24.13 cm drum assembly fits in headroom spaces as little as 48.26 cm

Amarr® 5601

Heavy-duty rolling sheet door suitable for docks and warehouses

26-gauge corrugated sheet steel

10.16 cm deep galvanized steel guides

Available in a range of colours

Amarr® 5652

Heavy duty rolling sheet door that meets wind load requirements 

26-gauge sheet steel thickness

12-gauge guides

Available in a range of colours

Let a Pro Handle It: Garage One Installs & Repairs Rolling Sheet Doors Around Ontario

These doors may seem relatively simple, but there are, quite literally, many moving parts. Their installation is tricky and should be performed by professionals. Similarly, a malfunctioning door can cause injuries, so don’t risk it and attempt to perform a repair by yourself – call us! Also, please don’t allow children to play with the roll up door and avoid walking or standing in the doorway while the door is moving.

Whether you’re looking for a light-duty door for a small storage space or a heavy-duty model for a large warehouse, Garage One has you covered. Please fill out our form to get a quick quote or call one of our Ontario offices to get your new rolling sheet garage door.


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