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What’s the need to repair your garage doors? The Key Points!

need to repair your garage doors - wood garage doors in the rain

Chances are your garage door is in need of maintenance or repair, whether you know it or not. Think about it - it's probably one of your home's most overlooked places. You call an air conditioning specialist when something goes wrong with the air conditioner. You call an alarm system specialist when you need a new alarm system setup. Your garage door needs the same kind of maintenance and expertise as the other areas of your home. It is essential that you ensure that your garage door is in top working condition. You could be putting yourself and your belongings at risk if you don't do this.

Key Points Why Your Garage Door May Need Repairs Now

Mind the gaps between your garage doors

As time goes on, warping due to weather and other elements, can cause your garage door to develop gaps. The gaps increase the chance of allowing rats, critters, and other intruders, including flood water to easily slip under the garage door if you do not keep these areas sealed.

Garage doors provide convenience

Let's face it, your parking garage is incredibly convenient. By entering and exiting your home and car through your garage, you and your vehicle have an escape from the ultra hot, freezing cold, and even rain and snow. Due to a lack of maintenance, if your garage door is broken, it might just make your next return trip from the grocery store a much bigger hassle during a winter storm. It also protects your vehicle from the elements which can reduce the amount of required maintenance for your vehicle. Keeping your garage doors maintained now helps you avoid hassles and frustrations in the future.

Avoid unwanted repairs and reduce your annual costs

Annual maintenance of the garage helps to reduce extra costs throughout the year and guarantees that the garage door remains in great working condition throughout the year. In order to avoid garage door failures down the road, basic preventive maintenance, such as lubricating moving components, will go a long way.

Don't forget to inspect your sensors

The sensors are among the most critical elements of your garage door and if they aren't functioning properly, your door will definitely not open properly. If your garage door is opening and closing in an erratic manner, your sensors may need to be cleaned or realigned. Simple solutions may involve wiping the sensors with a soft cloth or removing clutter from around the sensors and the garage door. The sensors are built to prevent the door from closing if an object is in the path of the door, but sometimes nearby objects or dust buildup can interfere with the sensors working properly. If that doesn't solve your problem it's time to call your local garage door repair expert to diagnose and remedy the issue.

Bust the rust

There are essential cables and springs on your garage door that require close inspection. If any of these components are defective or rusty due to a lack of annual maintenance, they can eventually malfunction. Taking action now will save you a lot of time and cash on potential repairs, as garage door problems can also cascade and impact other components if left unaddressed.


Book your garage door maintenance now to keep your door in a perfect working condition and enjoy some peace of mind.

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