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3 Reasons To Consider Preventative Maintenance For Your Garage Door

Your garage door’s health may not be your every day’s concern, like most homeowners, you may be more careful about your heating and air-conditioning or your water heater. However, your garage door plays a role in your and your family’s wellbeing. In this blog, we will provide you with the 3 most important reasons why you should have preventive maintenance for your garage door.


Whether you use your garage as your household’s storage space or you park your car in it, it remains a moving object that is subject to wear and tear and malfunction. It is relatively large in size and could potentially cause harm to any member of your family or to your pet. A faulty door is a safety hazard for every member in your household. Potential failure to open completely or abruptly close are possible scenarios of substantial injury. That is why we at Garage One always advise you to schedule your annual preventive maintenance with us to ensure harmful issues are predetermined and repair is secured. Our team of experienced professionals will be at your service to mitigate any risk and keep your family safe.


Your garage door is an access point to your house, especially if your garage has access to your house. Faulty garage doors are target to burglars who are seeking a way into your house while you are away or asleep. Securing your household is of paramount importance. Studies have suggested that within six minutes, burglars can break through your garage door. It is notably less when the garage door is malfunctioning making it easy to open from outside. Preventive maintenance alongside some security measures can potentially eliminate the risk and make your garage door theft-proof. Contact us to schedule a preventive maintenance session at the time of your convenience.


Prevention is better than cure! This could also apply to your garage door. Rather than being a simple fix that is spotted early on, with time, a possible repair could turn into a replacement. An unbalanced movement of your garage door or its roller can put excessive pressure on the opener. This results in shortening the opener’s lifespan. Save yourself the hassle by giving us a call on 866-999-9593 to schedule a maintenance visit.

Been a while since you last had your garage door checked? Contact us today.

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