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Garage Door Opener Rebates and an Insulated Garage Door Can Help You Save Money

With cold weather comes an increased difficulty in dealing with garage doors. If you're a senior that is 65-years-old or older living in Ontario, you may qualify for a tax credit to help cover the costs of an automatic garage door opener for your home, thereby making your garage door more convenient and energy efficient.

Healthy Homes Renovation tax credit. Not all home improvements qualify for a government tax credit. However, if you're a senior and you need an electric garage door opener, call Garage One to find out if you qualify for a rebate.

Garage doors are not eligible for a tax credit, because they are not ENERGY STAR certified. That said, you can greatly reduce your heating costs by ensuring that your garage door is energy efficient.

As a home owner, it's important for you to understand that a house is its own little ecosystem with components like insulation, air vents, windows, doors and heating systems all depending on each other to work properly. There's no point in investing in a brand new heating system if your house is leaking warm air out of the garage door.

The following types of simple home improvements often yield a return within a year.Adding insulation, caulking and weather-striping to your garage door will make it more energy efficient. Upgrading the mechanical system of your garage door will save you energy and be more cost effective.

Insulated garage doors.Replacing a broken or inefficient garage door with a pre-insulated garage door will ensure there is no loss of heat.

  • Insulated garage doors helps save energy

  • Insulated garage doors are more durable

  • Insulated garage doors reduce noise pollution

  • Garage door insulation helps protect your car and belongings

  • A warm garage is more convenient during the winter

Making sure your home isn't loosing heat during the cold winter months is the best thing you can do for your wallet. Insulation upgrades and air sealing are the best home upgrades you can do to reduce heating costs.

It's with these facts in mind that you should take the first step in improving the comfort of your home by contacting Garage One today to determine if you need any upgrades or repairs.

As a distinguished leader in residential and commercial garage door installations and repairs in Toronto, Ontario, Garage One is happy to help. Call us now and ask our garage door installation experts if you qualify for any rebates or additional discounts!

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4 days ago

With cold weather approaching, garage door maintenance is crucial for energy efficiency. Seniors in Ontario, aged 65 or older, may qualify for a tax credit to install an automatic opener. Contact Garage One and consult a locksmith near me for upgrades or repairs to ensure your garage door keeps your home warm and secure.

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