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  • Effective Joint Seals – Snug-fitting tongue-and-groove section joints help prevent wind and weather from entering the garage.

  • Bottom weather seal blocks draft and debris from entering the garage.

  • Reinforcing fins on all top sections, and as needed on intermediate sections, provide years of smooth, trouble-free operation. The fins are the extruded part of the door sections and are not visible through the glass

  • Constructed with anodized or powder coated aluminum structure with equal panel spacing.

  • Meets ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC air infiltration requirements with a third-party tested value of less than 0.4 cfm/ft2


Anodized Finishes

Powder Coat Finishes

Disclaimer: Settings of your monitor may affect the exact colour displayed, please contact Garage One to obtain colour samples.


Single Car