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Tips for Painting Your Garage Door

With the right paint, your garage doors can add to your home’s curb appeal and help your house stand out. To get the colour that’s right for your home and a paint job that impresses every passer-by, you should plan carefully and have all the resources you need for success. 

We at Garage One want our GTA customers to love their garage doors. This means that you’re not just satisfied with how it works, but also like how it looks. Here are a few tips for painting your garage door if you’ve decided to try something new.

Get enough paint to do the job, and then some

Exactly how much paint you’ll need to get the job done will depend on the type of door, and how different you want the new colour to be from the old one. If you want an exact idea of which paint is best, ask a garage door expert about your specific case. In general, however, most garage doors can easily be painted with about a gallon (just under four litres) of paint. Purchasing this amount will leave you a bit extra you can keep for later if touch-ups are necessary down the road.

Make sure your door is clean before you begin

Dirt and grit will get in the way of a good paint job. Be sure to thoroughly wash your door and let it dry before you begin painting it.

Use the right tools for the job

Purchase several different types of brushes and rollers. Bristled brushes are great for smaller surfaces such as the sides of your panels, but the wider areas of the panels themselves are much easier to do with a roller.

Move from the top to the bottom

When tackling a painting job, it’s best to work methodically. Start at the top of your door and work your way down. This way, you’ll be able to more easily deal with any drips that occur.

Painter’s tape can make the job much easier

If you’ve ever wondered how professional painters get such clean lines, the secret is painter’s tape. When painting a section of your garage door, outline it with painter’s tape. When you remove the tape after you’ve finished painting that section, you’ll get a clean line.

If you need advice on purchasing new garage doors, or about how to maintain your current garage doors, contact us at Garage One today. Our experts are ready and waiting to help you get the garage door that’s right for your Greater Toronto Area home.


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