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Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

The garage is a vital part of your home. How?

Well, a lot of homeowners use their garage doors more often than front doors to enter their homes.

It is crucial to maintain your garage door and you can only imagine the inconvenience you’d face if it breaks in the middle of the week.

As much as something is used, it needs attention, care and maintenance. Your garage door is no exception. It needs its fair share of repair and maintenance sessions.

However, not every homeowner believes in this and it’s only a matter of time when their garage door gets damaged beyond repair.

Has your garage door also been displaying signs of damage lately? Or, have you been unable to identify if the signs are the signs of trouble?

This post aims to brief you on certain prominent signs with your garage door that you must address ASAP!

The Door Won’t Open or Close

This is probably the most obvious sign of your garage door having issues.

A door that won’t open or close smoothly or doesn’t move freely needs repair.

If your garage door feels jammed, consider consulting some competent garage door experts before getting it replaced, maybe it could be fixed through repair.

Apart from this, if the door feels like shaking or moving awkwardly while you open it, you must investigate because this is a potentially unsafe situation.

A garage door is quite heavy and risks may be too serious to deal with.

The Door Creates Awkward Noises

If the door creates awkward noises while you open it, there is an issue.

It’s not normal for garage doors to create ear-rattling noises.

Especially if the door is quite old, and it is creating noises, you should get in touch with a garage door expert and get it fixed.

The Door is Off The Tracks

The garage doors move up and down the tracks using rollers.

The old doors or the damaged doors often dislodge from their tracks, preventing the door from opening and closing properly.

If your garage door is off its tracks, it's time to consult some garage door experts and discuss repair suggestions.

Very Slow Response Time

If your garage door is quite slow in its response and it takes more than a few seconds to open completely, that means it has issues.

It’s not always that you need to call garage door experts. For instance, you could try lubricating the rollers, hinges, and tracks of your garage door and see if it helps.

Maybe it works.

Maybe it doesn’t.

And, in case it doesn’t, you shouldn’t wait anymore and seek help.

Looking for someone who can help you fix your garage door? Garage One is a team of self-motivated individuals who have helped a lot of people with their garage door issues.

Be it repairing the door, or advise on choosing the best commercial garage door openers, we can help.

Reach out to us to get a free quote and see what exactly you should do, without spending too much money. We offer affordable yet reliable solutions.


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