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4 Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Makeover

When it comes to the upkeep of your home, your garage door shouldn’t be ignored. Not only does it play an important role in your abode’s security and insulation, it’s also a major contributor to the curb appeal of your home. Look out for the following red flags, as they’re indicators that the time has come to treat your garage to a makeover.

1. Issues with opening and closing

Garage doors that have issues opening and closing can be annoying, but also point to a need for repair or replacement. There are several different ways in which these problems can manifest, including:

  • Irregularity

  • Awkwardness

  • Refusal to open or close

  • Shakiness

  • Hesitation

If you notice any of these signs when opening and closing your garage doors, it’s time to take action and contact our shop in the Greater Toronto Area.

2. A loud garage door

Are your garage doors making weird or particularly loud noises? This means something’s not quite right. Garage doors are supposed to function smoothly and quietly. If yours is being noisy, there may be a problem with a spring, an opener bracket, rollers or lubrication. Don’t procrastinate in getting this checked out, since the noise can be a warning sign of a far more serious issue developing, which could potentially lead to the door collapsing.

3. Damaged track or hinges

If the track or hinges are bent or broken, your garage doors probably won’t close completely. Since your garage doors play a huge role in the insulation of your home, this is a definite issue. Additionally, the elements aren’t the only undesirable thing that can sneak in through an opened garage door—snakes and rodents could make their way in as well.

4. The aesthetics need an upgrade

Garage doors are subjected to a lot of abuse. Between the extreme weather elements we’re exposed to in the Greater Toronto Area, and children playing in the driveway, there’s lots of potential for your doors to sustain chips and dents. You want your garage doors to look their best, so if they’re showing signs of wear, or if the style has gone out of fashion, you may want to consider updating your doors to something more modern. This is an especially good idea if you’re planning on selling your home, as an attractive garage will draw prospective buyers and will provide an excellent return on investment.

Update your garage door

When it comes to garage doors in Toronto,Garage One is the place to call. We offer both installation and repairs to residential and commercial property owners alike. Contact us right away to get started on your garage door’s makeover today!


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