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Steel-Craft’s Aluminum SA7000 door is designed for years of reliable operation. Constructed from tough, corrosion-resistant aluminum, this door can become what you need it to be: Create a secure, all-aluminum door that protects you from break-ins, or add lite panels to create a bright, airy showcase with plenty of curb appeal.

Custom extruded rails and stiles make for very strong doors, and our engineering and leading-edge manufacturing processes add further strength. Intermediate, bottom and perimeter vinyl weather stripping means the door functions efficiently in all seasons.

This design-friendly door has a wide variety of colour options, a full selection of paint colours, and several lite types are available – glass, aluminum, acrylic, Lexan and Thermoclear® Polycarbonate.


The Steel-Craft Aluminum SA7000 door offers significant advancements in product quality and performance. The SA7000 is constructed from the toughest corrosion resistant aluminum and designed for years of reliable operation. The distinctive look will add visual quality and character in a wide variety of applications.


Standard Door Size


The SA7000 comes in standard heights and widths from 8' x 6' up to 24' x 28'


Anodizing Colour Options

Additional custom anodizing colours are available. Please contact Garage One for details.

Painting Colour Options


A full selection of custom paint colours are available (special order).

Vision Lite Options

Maximum thickness 5/8" (16mm)


Available in single pane and thermo sealed units.

Glass options include Clear, Tempered, Georgian Polished Wire, Satin Texture and Laminated.

Glass thickness available in 3mm and 6mm.


Available in clear sheet only - 3mm and 6mm single pane.

Lexan® Polycarbonate

Available in clear sheet only - 3mm and 6mm single pane.

Thermoclear® Polycarbonate

Available in double wall 6mm or triple wall 16mm. Colour options include Clear, Bronze, Blue and Green.

Note: The glazing material (Thermoclear®) used is ideal for humid environments, however it differs from glass in that it's not sealed, therefore condensation may form in the cellular walls when interior/exterior temperatures are such that dew point temperatures are created (usually in periods of cooler weather). This condensation usually disappears when warmer weather returns.


Full aluminum insert panels are available in anodized and painted colurs.

Also available in kick-proof design with insulated core.




Constructed from 45mm (1-3/4") thick 6063-T5 aluminum alloy.



Material thickness of top rail, bottom rail, end stiles and intermediate stiles 1.8mm (0.071") (3mm (1/8") at fastener locations). Top rail height 44mm (1-3/4") overall. Bottom rail height 50mm (2") overall. Combined height of meeting rails 94mm (3-3/4"). Intermediate stiles 60mm (2-3/8") wide. End stiles 100mm (3-15/16") wide. Bottom rail of bottom section and top rail of top section 100mm (3-15/16") wide. Framework to provide 16mm wide glazing shelf. Optional double end stile with matching bottom-most rail 162mm (6-3/8") wide. Material thickness of double end stile/bottom rail 0.100" (3mm (1/8") at fastener locations).

Aluminum Insert Panel


5005 H34 13mm (0.051") thick aluminum sheet material sealed to door frame with glazing compound and held fast with rigid PVC snap-in mouldings. Painted products (special order) painted to AAMA 2603 standards.



Anodizing applied to AAMA 611, 607, 608 standards.

Painted products (special order) painted to AAMA 2603 standards.


Any or all sections can accommodate aluminum panels as well as single and sealed glazing materials up to 16mm (5/8") thickness. Suggested glazing types include 3mm (1/8") single glass/acrylic/polycarbonate, 6mm (1/4") single glass/acrylic/polycarbonate, 16mm (5/8") sealed glass/Thermoclear® etc. Note: Sealed acrylic or polycarbonate not available.

Glass materials to be set on two rubber blocks on bottom edge to absorb impact as door closes. All glazing materials sealed to door frame with glazing compound and held securely with rigid PVC snap-in mouldings.





50mm (2") or 75mm (3") Z275 (G90) galvanized steel. Material thickness 1.9mm (0.075") for 50mm track and 2.7mm (0.106") for 75mm track. Vertical tracks to have a graduated slope. Vertical tracks to be bracket mounted 3.4mm (0.135") or continuous angle mounted 2.2mm (0.087") and fully adjustable for sealing to door to jamb. Horizontal track to be adequately reinforced per door size and weight.

Door Face Hardware


Graduated roller hinges and centre hinges galvanized steel. Heavy duty rollers with hardened inner and outer races with 10 grade 500 ball bearings.



Aluminum 6063-T5 alloy angular shaped 44mm (1-3/4") deep. Material thickness 3mm (0.118") at furthest point from door face. Anodizing applied to AAMA 611, 607, 608 standards. Painted product (special order) painted to AAMA 2605, 2604, 2603. Strutting is required for doors 4000mm (13'0") and over in width.

Counterbalance System


Class II Oil Tempered ASTMA229 wire minimum 10,000 cycle torsion springs on continuous steel shaft (solid or tubular shaft as required by size and operation). Aircraft quality galvanized lift cables with a minimum safety factor of 5 to 1.



Interior mounted slide lock suitable for pad locking.

Bottom Weatherstrip


U type arctic grade vinyl fits into integral bottom retainer.

Section Interface Weatherstrip


Artic grade vinyl bubble shapped weatherstrip at all section meeting rails in integral retainer.

Jamb Mounted Weatherstrip


Anodized or painted aluminum with two point flexible arctic grade vinyl weatherstrip.

Header Mounted Weatherstrip


Anodized or painted aluminum with two point flexible arctic grade vinyl weatherstrip.




Optional: Hand chain hoist (3-1 ratio) or electric operator recommended for doors over 12'0" high.

Available Sizes


Widths to 7366mm (24'2") and heights to 54900mm (18'0")


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