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Garage Doors in Barrie & Central Ontario

Living in Central Ontario, you know how severe the weather can be. From heavy snowfall in the winter to powerful summer storms, you’ve seen and experienced it all. To deal with all of the changes in weather, you’ve had to take certain steps to ensure your home is prepared for the extremes of every season.

Garage One offers garage doors in Barrie and Central Ontario that are perfect all seasons and design preferences. Whether you want to accent your cottage country home with a stylish garage door or you need some extra insulation for your home, find the garage doors you need at Garage One.

Durable Garage Doors for Your Barrie Home

Whether you use your garage as an extra room or as a place to keep your vehicles and equipment, you want to be sure that what’s inside your garage is safe. Heavy snows, ice storms and other intense weather can damage your garage door. At Garage One, we have garage doors that are both durable and well-insulated. These doors offer climate-controlled protection for whatever you keep in your garage. Our most durable garage doors with insulation options include:

Each of these doors come in a range of colours and designs so you can add curb appeal to your home while also adding a layer of protection. Many of our garage doors in Barrie and surrounding areas are environmentally friendly as they can be recycled at the end of their lifetime.

Beautiful Garage Doors for Cottage Country

Whether you live in cottage country year round or just visit for a few months in the summer, you enjoy having a home that meets your personal design preferences. If you ever feel like something’s missing, you might be in need of a personalized garage door. With Garage One, you can design your own garage door to match your personal style. You can choose the number of doors, the size, the colours and more to complement your home’s existing features.

Commercial Garage Doors in Barrie & Central Ontario

Not only does Garage One supply and service residential garage doors in Central Ontario, we also sell and design a wide range of commercial garage doors. Your business needs a reliable garage door for security, access, fire safety, weather-proofing and more. The performance, reliability and appearance of your commercial garage door will reflect on your business, so don’t make your choice lightly. Garage One can help you choose the right overhead doors and openers for your business’ needs based on price, material and custom features.

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Garage One sells, services, repairs and installs residential and commercial garage doors to all of Central Ontario, including:

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We offer guarantees on our parts, experience and service and we have a products warranty for all of our parts. If you have any questions or would like to get a free quote, feel free to contact us.

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