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6 Tips to Secure Your Garage Door from Break-ins; For Garage Door Service, Trust Garage One

Garage One - Thursday, March 23, 2017

Garage door break-ins are no laughing matter. But fear not! With a few precautions you’re well on your way to making your garage door as secure as ever.

Here are six tips to ensure the security of your garage door:

  1. Do the maintenance. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about garage door security, but keeping on top of garage door maintenance and service in Toronto keeps loose tracks and mechanics, rust and rot from compromising security. Having your garage door serviced in Toronto on a regular basis is a great first step towards ensuring security.
  2. Adopt good remote control habits. Don’t leave your remote in your glove box or clipped to your visor! If you do, you’re just begging for a thief to break into your car to steal your remote and use it to gain access to your home. Better yet, get rid of your old remote and get one you can keep on your keychain. Also, new-generation remotes have available rolling code technology, which prevents your code from being grabbed by would-be thieves.
  3. Secure the emergency release. Videos on the internet show how to trigger a garage door’s emergency release in six seconds flat with nothing but a coat hanger. Not very comforting! Luckily, there are some easy remedies to fix this chink in your garage door’s security. Call your local garage door service pro in Toronto for advice.
  4. Frost your windows. Sure, windows in garage doors are nice, but they give thieves a clear view of what’s available to steal. They also make your emergency release visible (see point 3 above) and give thieves a pretty good idea if there’s anybody home—no car in the garage, probably nobody home. Consider frosting or tinting your windows to keep prying eyes looking elsewhere.
  5. Padlock your garage door when you’re away. Some garage doors have a throw latch that is easy to padlock when you’re away from home for an extended period. Use it! If your garage door is not equipped with one, you can secure it by tightening C-clamps on the door tracks.
  6. Install an alarm and security lighting. Would-be thieves hate loud noise and bright lights! Keep them at bay by installing motion-activated security lighting around your garage and loud motion and intrusion activated alarms in your garage.

Have concerns regarding garage door service or security in Toronto? Contact us at Garage One! At Garage One we’re happy to answer all your questions about garage door service and security in Toronto.

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