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The Latest in Tech Accessories for Your Garage Door

Garage One - Monday, April 09, 2018

For a long time the very height of garage door technology was the simple remote opener. In this day and age, though, there are tons of different gadgets you can add to make your garage door more secure and convenient. At Garage One, we take care of the installation and repair of your garage door and all your garage door accessories. Let our team of service experts walk you through some of the different technologies available on the market today. 

smartphone accessories

  1. Remote Garage Door Sensors

    How often do you leave the house and later realize that you have absolutely no idea whether or not you’ve closed your garage door? Well, thanks to modern technology, you won’t have to worry about that ever again. For maximum convenience, you can now attach sensors to your garage door that will tell you if your garage door is open or closed from anywhere in the world!

  2. Wireless Keypads

    For those of you out there who aren’t so great at keeping track of your keys, a wireless keypad is the perfect way to never be locked out of your garage again. With a simple 4-digit code you can access your garage, and, with certain systems, even disarm your alarm.

  3. Phone Apps for your Garage Door

    These days, almost anything can be hooked up to your smartphone—and your garage door is no exception. These apps can be used to, as previously discussed, monitor whether or not your garage door is open, and even remotely open and close your door from almost anywhere.

  4. Sensor Guards

    Since the garage doors of the future future will undoubtedly be riddled with sensors and other wireless technology, it would be wise to add sensor guards to your list of garage door accessories. Sensor guards will protect your sensors from the natural wear and tear that comes with being exposed to the outdoors for long periods of time.

  5. Automated Control Panel

    This can be included on your garage door remote and can control your door, your lights and other parts of your garage wirelessly. A must-have for anyone with the desire to keep their life as simple and efficient as possible.

For garage door service and installation in Toronto, call the experts at Garage One. We’ll make the installation of your garage door and accessories completely painless. Don’t hesitate to call us Toll Free at 1.866.999.9593 +for more information regarding our products and services.

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