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The advantages of glass and aluminum garage doors for your business

Garage One - Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Amarr 3582 Alluminum Glass Commercial Door Photo Credit: Amarr

If you’re looking for new commercial garage doors for your business, we at Garage One Inc. would like to let our customers from Toronto to London know about the advantages offered by sectional overhead garage doors made of aluminum and glass. Steel garage doors often look forbidding, are cumbersome to open and close not mention they can be costly to repair. Some of the advantages of glass and aluminum doors include:

  • Natural light in your garage or showroom. Both customers and employees will almost always prefer natural light to artificial. With windows on your garage door, you can let the light in.
  • Improved visibility. Running a business is all about staying on top of things. With windows in your garage door you can keep a better eye on all aspects of your business, inside and out.
  • Low-maintenance and easy repair. With aluminum and high-quality glass, once your door is installed, you won’t need to think about it much. Aluminum is comparatively cheap and, since doors come in sections, if a panel becomes damaged you won’t have to replace the whole unit.
  • At Garage One Inc. we know that even when it comes to commercial garage doors, our customers across Southern Ontario need every aspect of their business to project the right image. We offer many colour and design options to our customers, so you can make sure every detail of your business reflects your vision.
  • Energy Efficient. Having windows doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be paying more in heating bills. With energy efficient windows, you can keep the heat out of your garage in the summer and inside in the winter. What’s more, they can block harmful UV rays that fade the colours inside your showroom.
  • Water and rust-resistant. Amarr and Steel-Craft make the aluminum doors we use. That means they’re built with corrosion resistant aluminum. With proper care, you won’t have to worry about your doors looking rusty and unprofessional.
  • Modern, clean, professional look. Looking professional these days is all about clean lines and sleek design. With glass and aluminum you can get a professional look without having to take too much care of it.

If you’re looking for commercial garage doors we serve all of Southern Ontario, from Belleville to Toronto to London! Don’t hesitate to contact us at Garage One. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount. That means we’ll do everything we can to give you the best advice, the best price, and the best service we possibly can.

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