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The 5 most common garage door problems and how to fix them

Garage One - Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Every day you open and close your garage door without thinking about it. But when your garage door isn’t working correctly, it’s more than just an inconvenience, it’s a major security risk. Keep reading to learn more about the five most common garage door problems people in Hamilton face and how you can fix them.

A service technician fixing a garage door

  1. The door doesn’t operate smoothly
    There are a number of reasons why your garage door might not be opening and closing smoothly. The battery in the opener could be dead, there could be something blocking the sensors or the travel setting may need some adjustments. Refer to your owner’s manual to learn how to make these simple but necessary repairs.
  2. Obstructions
    Obstructions that prevent the door from opening and closing properly can not only damage the door opener but can also present a serious security problem. To fix this issue, clear away anything that might be getting in the way of the door’s movement.
  3. The automatic opener isn’t working
    When the automatic garage door open doesn’t respond, the first thing you’ll want to check is the power source. Make sure that the remote has fresh batteries and that the door opener’s electrical wiring is in good shape. If you detect some issues with the electrical wiring, call one of the garage door service specialists from Garage One without delay.
  4. Strange noises
    A loud screech or squeal when you open the door could indicate that dirt, dust and grime have built up in the tracks of your garage door. Usually you can fix this problem yourself by simply cleaning the dirt and debris from the tracks and adding some lubrication.
  5. The door jams
    Whether your door gets stuck partially open, or partially closed, jams are a fairly common problem. They’re often caused by obstructions or a problem with the track. Clear any dirt and debris from out of the tracks and check the condition of your springs, cables and rollers for signs of wear.

There are some problems that you just can’t fix by DIY. Call Garage One for garage door service from a certified Mississauga specialist if you suspect that you have:

  • Worn out springs
  • Worn or damaged cables
  • Bent or damaged rollers
  • A weight imbalance

If you’re having a problem with your garage door, having it repaired quickly is the best way to keep your home and your belongings safe and secure. For garage door service you can count on, choose Garage One. From Hamilton, to Mississauga and throughout the GTA, we’re your source for residential and commercial garage door sales, service, installation and repair. Contact us today for a quick quote!

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