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How to turn your garage into a haunted house this Halloween

Garage One - Thursday, October 19, 2017

This Halloween you can go above and beyond the rest of the neighbourhood by turning your garage into a haunted house. Follow these steps to transform your garage into a creatively spooky space! It’s easier to do than you might think.

  1. Prepare the space
    The first step is to make sure your garage is cleared out. The only thing worse than no candy on Halloween is a haunted house that isn’t scary. Unless you’ve done something to make it spooky, your workbench will probably break the illusion so be sure to cover it up or move it out. Also, be sure to clear out any tools or potentially dangerous objects. In addition to preparing for safety, inspect your garage door to make sure it is functioning properly to avoid any mishaps. If anything is amiss, give Garage One a call to fix the issue.

  2. Creepy Lighting
    If you’re hosting your haunted house during the day or live in an area with light pollution at night, you may want to black out any windows or cracks in your garage. Windows can easily be blacked out by taping aluminum foil over them or using construction paper from your local craft shop or dollar store. Be sure to have a clear exit as not to seal people into the garage though!

  3. Strategic Haunting
    When designing your haunted house, it’s usually better to do fewer things well than a lot of things poorly. Don’t stuff the garage full of every Halloween-y object you can find. Put effort into a few really scary things and organize the garage around them so you can get the right effect. Plan this early in case you need to enlist some friends to help you build or design some scary props, such as giant spider webs, realistic corpses or classic terrifying monsters.

  4. Create Suspense
    This is where you can really get creative. Divide your garage into mini-rooms using black drapes or large objects covered in black cloth. Make the spaces look smaller or larger using strategically placed black lights and fog machines. If you can, try to tell a story with your rooms, progressing from the least scary to the scariest. Defy expectations when you can to give your scares more power. For example, make an interactive room with bowls of grapes and spaghetti and play “Guess the guts!”

  5. Get other adults involved
    Another way to add some extra frights is to enlist the help of another adult or family member to dress up and become an interactive part of the haunted house. If you’ve created any blind corners to hide behind or there are coffins someone can pop out of it can be a great scare for a memorable Halloween.

Above all, be safe this Halloween and be sure to have your garage door inspected before setting a spooky scene inside of it. Contact us today at Garage One. We offer repair service to the whole Greater Toronto Area and would be happy to make sure your system is in order. If anything unexpected were to happen during the fright, you should be able to evacuate quickly. Who knows? Maybe it will be so scary everyone will need the garage door opened so they can escape!

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