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Spring Cleaning: What you should and shouldn’t store inside your garage

Garage One - Tuesday, March 06, 2018

This is the time of year to declutter and maximize your garage’s storage space. Suddenly you have all this wonderful space you can use to… well… what should you use it for? With so many different types of tools, sports equipment, lawn care products and everything in between, how do you decide what to keep in your brand spanking new garage? At Garage One, we take care of all your garage door repair needs. Let our team of experts show you the dos and don’ts of garage storage.

garage storage tips

What you CAN store in your garage:

  • Everything related to your car
    Your garage is essentially built for the purpose of storing your car. While not every uses it for car storage, if you own a car, it’s a good idea to use this space to store anything related to your vehicle. That means everything from motor oil to tire pumps. That way, when something goes wrong with your car, you’ll know immediately where to look for it instead of having to go digging through the shed for the right tool for the job.
  • Gardening supplies
    Your garage is the perfect place to house all of your outdoor and gardening equipment. Your garage is a great place for your lawn mower, weed trimmer, shovels, bags of soil, flower pots, etc. You can use designated storage areas to keep everything organized and easy to find.
  • Outdoor entertainment and infrequently used items
    Your garage is a good place to store bikes, roller blades, skate boards and really and really anything else you would use outside on a sunny day. It’s also ideal for storing sporting equipment (hockey bags, football pads, etc.) and anything else that needs to air out after being used. You can also store infrequently used electronics and other items that only come out a few times every year.

What you CAN’T store in your garage:

  • Dangerous items
    As a general rule, it’s best not to store anything dangerous in your garage. Anything flammable should generally be stored outside the house or in your shed. If you have to store your power tools in your garage, keep them safely out of reach of your children.
  • Fragile items
    Let’s face it; your garage will be cluttered. It’s best not to store anything fragile that might get knocked over and broken while you rummage around for whatever you might be looking for.
  • Food
    Food should only be kept in your garage if it’s safely locked away in a fridge (away from pests such as insects or sneaky racoons).

Your One-Stop Solution for Garage Needs

If you’ve been decluttering and cleaning out your garage and notice that it is in need of a maintenance or repair service in Southern Ontario, contact the experts at Garage One! Operating 24/7, we are your one-stop solution for garage doors and electric openers!

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