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Garage Door Service Tips for the Winter

Garage One - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Winter storms and sub-zero temperatures can take a toll on your garage door’s performance and lead to jams and other such problems. But the last thing you need is for your door to fail to function when it’s bitterly cold out. Sure, Garage One is available 24/7 to service your overhead door in Ontario cities like Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Mississauga and others, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid having to make that midnight call? A bit of preventive maintenance can do wonders to ensure your garage door opens and closes without a hitch throughout the winter months.

Garage One Garage Door Service Winter: The front view of a house with snow

Clear away snow and ice

When ice gets trapped under your garage door, it can become difficult to open. This can lead to stripped gears, an overly strained motor, or broken components, especially in the case of repeated attempts to open the door when it’s iced over. Avoid these difficulties by breaking out the shovel and pre-emptively clearing away any precipitation buildup near your garage door. If your overhead door is already frozen in place, try to chip away the ice with a scraper. You can also use hot water if you’re careful to not let it cause additional freezing. The important thing is to not rely on your opener to force open the door as this strain can cause damage to the device.

Spray your seal

Another tip to prevent your garage door from freezing shut is to apply a silicone spray to the rubber seal at the bottom of the door. These sprays successfully repel water and each application can be effective for up to three weeks. The only downside is that they can contribute to disintegration of the rubber, so apply sparingly.


Keeping components well-oiled will go a long way towards ensuring your garage door opens and closes as it should. Use a lubricant specifically designed for garage doors and apply it to the following components.

Reapply one month after the initial application to reinforce the benefits of lubricating. However, avoid over applying the product as too much grease can be just as problematic as too little.

Change the battery in your remote

It’s easy to forget but regularly replacing the battery in your remote ensures your garage door will open and close when you need it to. This means that on even the coldest winter days, you can stay warm and dry in your car.

Should your garage door break down

Sometimes, you can do all the right things and your garage door still fails to function. Age and disintegration of components can lead to a jam or damage at any time of year. If this is happens to you and you live in Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Mississauga or elsewhere in Ontario, contact us at Garage One. We’ll be there when you need us.

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