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Can getting a new garage door affect your home insurance?

Garage One - Tuesday, May 15, 2018

When you upgrade something in your home, it’s natural to wonder whether or not it will affect your insurance. If you’re thinking about getting a new garage door for your Hamilton home, you might be wondering if your insurance will cover the cost of replacing the door or if the upgrade will have an effect on your premiums. Find the answers to these questions and more below.

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Are garage doors covered under home insurance?

This depends on two things. First, the type of damage that your garage door has incurred. And second, your specific insurance coverage.

Homeowner’s insurance policies in Ontario typically cover accidental damage to garage doors, regardless of whether the damage is caused by you or by someone else. Your Oshawa insurance agent will assess who is responsible, whether or not the damage is covered by your policy and the amount of your deductible. As with any type of insurance claim, be sure to document everything along the way.

If someone else crashes into your garage door, then their car insurance would pay for the damages. If they don’t have adequate coverage (or they flee the scene), then you’ll likely still be covered by your own home insurance policy.

Home insurance policies also protect you against vandalism, most acts of nature, and storm damage. What they won’t protect you against is home maintenance issues. If your garage door opener quits because it’s old or hasn’t be properly maintained, then you’ll have to foot the garage door repair bills yourself.

Will getting a new garage door or door opener lower your insurance premiums?

Installing a new garage door, or even just upgrading the model of garage door opener that you use in your Hamilton home could have an impact on your insurance premiums.

Newer garage doors increase security around your home and decrease the chance of a break-in. They also offer you better protection against storm damage, reducing the likelihood that you’ll need to file an insurance claim. The precise amount of savings you could gain depends on your carrier. 

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